Let's get to know each other better

Lisa & Bryan Levey

We began our shared parenting journey 26 years ago when our first son was born. Lisa, who saw the overwhelm her mom experienced after her parents split when she was 3, felt ambivalent about becoming a mother. She knew if she had children, she’d need a deeply shared approach to family management, something she’d never actually seen in practice. Bryan, whose dad tended toward workaholism, knew he wanted to be an involved dad but didn’t really know what that would look like practically speaking. Together, we created a partnership model of family care that brought powerful benefits we couldn’t have imagined at the outset. We were a team, together navigating the obstacles – many external - that make care equity a challenge for dual career couples.

With our youngest son soon graduating from college, we will be transitioning to the “parents of adults” phase of life. It has been an awesome journey and we’re excited to share all we’ve learned from both our personal and professional lives, Bryan as a high-tech executive and Lisa as a gender-expert and veteran diversity consultant.

History and Highlights

  • Bryan won the Manbassador Award in 2019 from the European Professional Women’s Global Network for his work changing the gender profile of his team as the Vice President of Engineering for a software company and, as importantly, for his role as a highly engaged father. Here is an interview filmed shortly following the award (PWN International Women's Day Interview)

Movivations for Home Partnerships

Why Equality at Home

Here are a few highlights from our shared journey as professionals and highly engaged parents.

  • Our family was featured in a Fast Company article (December 2000) titled Family Values exploring a highly shared approach to career and family management. Lisa was 8 months pregnant with our 2nd son at the time.

  • Lisa published an award-winning book The Libra Solution in 2012 focused on helping dual-career couples raising children to navigate the challenges to greater gender equality in their lives. She’s consulted for nearly a quarter of the Fortune 50 on women’s leadership and diversity.

  • Here is a sampling of Lisa's posts on parenting: