Couples Coaching

Sharing the Joy, Sharing the Load:

The Power of a Team Approach to Family Managment

Our Passion

The great majority of couples have a joint goal to share responsibilities while raising a family. Yet, the seemingly endless demands inherent in raising children can make this goal feel out of reach. Overwhelm and resentment can result.

Our passion is to help couples jointly navigate the deluge of responsibilities to allow the joy of partnership and the experience of true empathy to shine through.

Individual Couples Coaching

Need a deeper and individual understanding of how to develop a joint vision for your family? Let us help you bring effective and sustainable change. Together, we can shape a successful future for you and your spouse. 

Coaching courses

Our coaching helps couples to:

  • Develop a joint vision for combining their professional and family lives

  • Build a deeper understanding and appreciation of their partner

  • Clarify what success looks like in key areas of their lives

  • Identify the breadth of care work and as a couple clarify how to share it

  • Identify small changes that can make a powerful difference in creating the felt sense of more equally sharing the care work

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important”

- Stephen Covey

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